FAQ and T&C

FAQ and T&C

Frequently asked questions and answers

Where can I find your prices?

Our prices become visible if you enter your available date, number of people.
Prices depend on the number of people, period, number of days.

If you stay longer than 2 nights, you will receive a discount.

Are there toilets near the tents?

Each tent has its own compost toilet with water for washing hands.
At the location of Glamping Höga Kusten.
The toilets are cleaned after each stay. And if you stay longer than 2 nights, also during your stay.

Is there a service building available?

No, all tents have their own compost toilet. In the summer there are cleaning options at the tent and we have a shower at the sauna and in the pavilion.
In winter there is a limited possibility in the grill hut and you are welcome to shower at our home.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome, we ask a fee of 50 kr.
Dogs should always be on a leash. We have farm animals

Do you have WIFI?

The idea behind this is that we want you to connect more with nature and get out of your daily routines.

What is the cancellation policy of Glamping Höga Kusten?

You can cancel your stay up to 100% up to 7 days before arrival.
If you want to cancel within 7 days before your arrival, you pay 50%.
Your booking will be final after a 50% deposit.

Terms & Conditions

Artikel 1: Definities 

  • The entrepreneur: Fields Sweden The holiday maker/Renter: the person who has entered into an agreement with the entrepreneur regarding a place for a definite period.

  • The co-creators are the other persons indicated on the agreement. Third: any other person, not being the holiday maker/Renter and / or co-creators.

  • Location: Tipi located at Fields Gård., pop-up Glamping

  • Camping equipment: Tipi, Grillkåta , pop-up Glamping rents.

  • The agreement: the agreement between the holiday maker/Renter and the entrepreneur regarding the right to use a place for a previously agreed fee and period.

  • Information: written or electronic data about the use of the Tipi and the facilities and rules of Fields Sweden.

  • Cancellation: written cancellation of the agreement by the holiday maker/Renter before the start date of the stay.

  • Camping regulations: the written regulations with the house rules for the use of the site and the facilities.
  • Article 2: Duration of the agreement

    The agreement expires after the expiry of the agreed period, without cancellation being required.

    Article 3: Price and price changes

  • The price is agreed on the basis of the price list established by the entrepreneur.

  • If, after the price list has been determined, additional costs are incurred due to an increase in the burden of government, these additional costs can be passed on to the holiday maker/Renter, even after the conclusion of the agreement (such as an increase in VAT).
  • Article 4: Reservation

  • The reservation can be made by telephone or online.

  • After receipt of the reservation you will receive a reservation confirmation or invoice by email.

  • When booking more than 30 days before arrival, a standard reflection period of 2 days applies.

  • There is no reflection period for reservations made within 30 days before arrival.

  • On the third day after reservation, your booking is legally final and Articles 5 and 6 of these general terms and conditions apply with regard to changes and cancellations.
  • Article 5: Payment

  • The holiday maker/Renter must pay in Swedish kronor, subject to the agreed terms;

  • Payment must be made in two installments; after telephone, written or electronic reservation, the first installment for 50% of the agreed amount;

  • The second installment must be available to the entrepreneur before the start of the stay;

  • If a reservation is made less than 2 weeks before the commencement date, payment must be made in one installment simultaneously with the reservation;

  • If the entrepreneur, in the case of a reservation, the day of arrival is not in possession of the total amount due, the entrepreneur is entitled to deny the holiday maker access to the site, without prejudice to the entrepreneur’s right to full payment of the agreed price;

  • If the total amount is not paid on time, will be after written a reasonable sum an interest rate on the outstanding amount of 2 % per month will be charged. The extrajudicial costs reasonably incurred by the entrepreneur, after notice of default, will be borne by the holiday maker/Renter;
  • Article 6: Cancellation

    In case of cancellation more than 2 months before the commencement date, 100% of the agreed price;
    In case of cancellation within 1 weeks before the commencement date, 50% of the agreed price;

    Article 7: Use by third parties

    Use of a camping device and / or associated place by third parties is only permitted if the entrepreneur has given written permission for this.

    Article 8: Maximum allowed number of persons

    The maximum number of persons allowed per camping pitch and rental tent is 4, of which a maximum of 2 adults. Occupancy with several families and or more than the maximum allowed number of persons is allowed in consultation.

    Article 9: Late arrival and early departure

    The holiday maker / Renter owes the full price for the agreement for the entire agreed period.

    Article 10: Premature termination of the agreement by the entrepreneur and eviction

    The entrepreneur can terminate the agreement with immediate effect:

    if the holiday maker, Renter, co-creator (s) and / or third parties does not or does not properly comply with the obligations under the agreement, the camping regulations and / or government regulations, despite prior verbal and / or written warning, and to such an extent that the standards of reasonableness and fairness of the entrepreneur cannot be required to continue the agreement;

    if the holiday maker, Renter, co-creator (s), despite prior verbal and / or written warning, causes nuisance to the entrepreneur and / or the other holidaymakers/Renter , or spoils the good atmosphere on or in the immediate vicinity of Fields Sweden;

    if the holiday maker/Renter, despite prior verbal and / or written warning by using the site, acts contrary to the destination of the site;
    theft, vandalism, aggression, drug use, offensive expressions of race, nature or belief are among other reasons for immediate removal from Fields Sweden’s premises.

    If the entrepreneur wishes to cancel and evacuate prematurely, he must inform the holiday maker by personally delivered letter. In urgent cases, the letter can be omitted and a personal verbal notification is sufficient.

    After cancellation, the holiday maker / Renter must ensure that his place and / or camping equipment is vacated and that the site is vacated as soon as possible, but no later than within 4 hours.

    If the holiday maker/Renter fails to vacate his place, the entrepreneur is entitled to vacate the place in accordance with Article 11.2.

    In principle, the holiday maker/Renter is not entitled to a refund of payment in the event of premature termination of the agreement.

    Article 11: Evacuation

  • If the agreement is terminated, the holiday maker/Renter must deliver the place empty and completely tidy, no later than 11:00 am on the last day of the agreed period.

  • If the holiday maker/ Renter does not remove his belongings, the entrepreneur is entitled, after written notice and with due observance of a period of 7 days starting on the day of receipt, to vacate the place at the expense of the holiday maker/Renter. The costs of these 7 days, the costs of breaking off and any storage costs and / or dumping costs insofar as reasonable, are at the expense of the holiday maker/renter.
  • Article 12: Laws and regulations

    Swedish law applies to Fields Sweden.

    Article 13: Maintenance and construction

  • The entrepreneur is obliged to keep the recreation area and the central facilities in a good state of repair.

  • The holiday maker/Renter is obliged to keep the camping equipment placed by him and the corresponding place in the same state of repair. 

  • The holiday maker/Renter, co-creators and / or third parties are not allowed to dig on the site, cut down trees, prune shrubs, install antennas, install fences and fencing, or constructions or other facilities of any kind at, on, under or to place the camping equipment without the prior written permission of the entrepreneur.

  • The holiday maker /Renter remains responsible at all times for keeping the camping equipment movable.
  • Article 14: Liability

  • The legal liability of the entrepreneur insofar as damage other than personal injury and death is limited to a maximum of 5,000,000 crowns per event. The entrepreneur is insured for this.

  • The entrepreneur is not liable for an accident, theft or damage on his property, unless this is the result of a shortcoming attributable to the entrepreneur.

  • The entrepreneur is not liable for the consequences of extreme weather influences or other forms of force majeure.

  • The holiday maker / Renter is liable vis-à-vis the entrepreneur for damage caused by the act or omission of himself, the co-creator (s) and / or third parties, insofar as it concerns damage to the holiday maker/Renter, the co-creator (s) and / or third parties can be attributed.

  • The entrepreneur undertakes to take appropriate measures after reporting nuisance by the holiday maker / Renter caused by other holiday-makers/renters 
  • Article 15: Complaints 

  • A complaint from a holiday maker/Renter must always be submitted to the entrepreneur in writing.

  • Submitting a complaint does not have any suspensive effect with regard to the payment by the holiday maker/Renter.

  • The entrepreneur will assess your complaint and treat it in all reasonableness and fairness. If the holiday maker/Renter is not satisfied with this, Swedish law applies.
  • Article 16: Privacy

    To process your booking, it is necessary to record a number of personal data. This includes: name and address, nationality and date of birth, email address, telephone number. This data is stored in a well-secured database. This data can be used by us for internal marketing purposes. We will not provide your data to third parties.

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