Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten

Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten

Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten is a media company within the Fields Sweden concept and is specializes in drone operations, such as aerial photography and film. Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten is in possession of the newest license 2021.

The services of Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten:

  • Short film productions: you can think of compilations of holiday films, but also advertising films for entrepreneurs and brokers. With a drone you can make beautiful overview images
  • The drone can be used in agriculture to record and monitor the growth process of various crops. In addition, the drone can perform measurements, such as how many birch trees are there in the forest, or how much cubic meter is that mountain of gravel? The drone is then linked to special computer software to process and store the collected data. All figures and images come together in a report for the client
  • During the summer months, the drone can be used to track down people or animals. Think of missing, or young game that resides in the tall grass of a farmyard that needs to be mowed
  • With a special drone with a heat camera it is possible to carry out roof inspections and investigate where heat escapes in winter. Property owners potentially benefit greatly from this. This means they know exactly where the roof insulation falls short. The insulation of the roof can be improved with relatively small (cost-efficient) adjustments
  • We are there to help entrepreneurs in the visualization / mapping of projects or project sites
  • We help sports clubs that want to use aerial overview images to improve sports performance

Part of Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten is its own photo printing service. Our professional printer can provide high quality prints up to A2 size. We also have various types of paper: thick, thin, gloss and canvas are possible. Our photo printing service is already active in our region, but we are also happy to deliver your most beautiful Swedish photo prints to your home on the doormat.

Developments in this sector follow one another at breakneck speed. Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten follows them all closely.

At the moment we do all marketing for Fields Sweden in-house. With Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten we have made several short productions for Sollefteå kommun, the municipality in which we live. We also already sold photos to various magazines and newspapers.

There is a wide market for high quality drone footage. The challenge lies in increasing the awareness of the possibilities of drone footage among the general public. Recent years have shown that a drone is often seen as a toy rather than a professional working tool. What Drönare tjänst Höga Kusten can do for you with the help of drones is not easy or obvious. Marco has specific aviation training and special mapping computer programs that are necessary to be able and allowed to perform this work.

Many people still do not know how to offer the possibilities of a drone for business than just photos and films. Fields Sweden is going to change this Drone Media! Do you want more information? We are happy to make an appointment.

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