Explore the entire High coast, in all seasons

Always a higher level, to collect outdoor memories!

Explore The rhythm of spring, summer, autumn, winter, and be a part of the Swedish nature. Driven entrepreneurs develop the entire destination, to a higher level. We work together with Höga kusten tourism, Höge kusten destination, The Swedish tourist accession, Nature best, High coast Whisky, Activator, Wild tribes, Kaffe småk, och Sjö& Hav.

Glamping Höga kusten, is located in Undrom in a small country village. On our small-scale ecological farm we share our land with our animals, and we grow our own vegetables. There are three tent pitches here in the summer and two in the wintertime. We have the possibilities to build extra tents for groups (max. 25 pers.), feel free to mail for all information. CONFERENCE, GROUPS, OUTDOOR MEETINGS

In the summertime, pop-up Glamping Höga kusten is build on the High coast whisky visitors location. Located by the river Ängermansälven which slowly flows into the sea here. Culture and nature come together at this location, our Glamping tent stays at High coast whiskey are always included, all meals and guiding tour and tasting. We have a special page for more information. GLAMPING & WHISKY

Activities on the farm location,Undrom.

Book your activities directly with your stay at Glamping Höga kusten.

Sauna and hot tub, Feel the rhythm of nature and be a part in it! Explore the frozen trees or the snowfall, or the bright summer evenings – and you might even see a moose or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The wood-burning sauna enhances the experience all year round. Our wood-fired hot tub is only available in the summer. In the wood-burning sauna and hot tub, you can enjoy the sounds of the forest, the bright night sky and – if you’re lucky – the dancing northern lights. You can book your own private time for the sauna and possibly the hot tub. Towels are included and we heat everything for you. However, bring your own slippers or bathrobe. Our sauna is equipped with a Finnish wood stove and changing room, here we have now also made a simple shower. You can also take a dip in the snow outside in the winter and take a dip in the popular waterfall in the summer.

Snowshoes, The beauty of snowshoes is that they offer so much freedom. You can make your way through the snowy forest and do a little walking everywhere. Discover the silence and the many traces of the forest animals. Walking slowly at your own pace awareness in every step, it is a popular winter sport, which fortunately is getting more attention.

Snowshoes, despite their name, are not a shoe, but frames that are attached under the shoes to make it easier to walk on snow without sagging.

After a small instruction, you can set off independently, take the backpack with coffee and tea and a lunch.

Hiking the Ådalleden, a pelgrims trail behind the Glamping, book a hiking package and we bring you to the start of the trail an pick you up after 10 kilometer at the Boteå church. The package is including a backpack packed with thermos, and a lunch. Ladda ner broschyren

Paddle boards, we have four inflatable paddle boards, you can take them to several lakes in the area. We recommend Gålsjöbruk strand, or Björksjön stand special for families. It’s a 10 to 20 minutes drive from the Glamping in Undrom.

Tree tops hike, No trees to High is a challenging high altitude course. Challenge yourself, your family and your friends to a really exciting experience among the treetops in the forests near Örnsköldsvik. You sleep at the glamping site in Undrom and can use all the facilities such as the wilderness spa and cuddle with the animals.

All inclusive with experiences at High Coast Distillery.
The stay includes: breakfast, lunch at the distillery, dinner in our pavilion, beds made, sauna, towels, transport from / to High Coast Distillery where you experience both guiding and tasting.

Dogsledge, An unforgettable experience where you are involved from the start! You learn to deal with the dogs so that they listen to you. Help put on harnesses and secure them for the sled. Guided tour with your own sleigh through the endless forests of 4 hours with lunch by an open fire.

Explore the whole High coast destination, “always a higher level”

Set in the northeast province of Ångermanland on the Gulf of Bothnia, the High Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasting the highest coastline in the world at approximately 286 metres above sea level. Due to a geological process called post-glacial land uplift – occurring since the most recent ice age – the land continues to rise at a rate of approximately 8 millimetres per year. This phenomenon is in direct contrast to Finland’s Kvarken archipelago, situated on the opposite side of the Gulf of Bothnia, with its flat, low-lying islands and shallow bays.

The High Coast’s dramatic world heritage landscape includes a beautiful archipelago and is a vast, uncrowded wonderland – a natural year-round arena for any outdoor activity you can imagine, from hiking and climbing to watersports and skiing. The region is also interesting from a cultural perspective, serving up a rich plethora of sights and places of historic interest. Highlights include centuries-old fishing villages as well as Nämforsen’s famous Bronze Age rock carvings. It also offers cultural experiences in the High Coast Art Valley and an array of intriguing museums and art galleries. And the towns of Kramfors, Härnösand, Örnsköldsvik and Sollefteå are all destinations in their own right.

Highlights in the High coast

The Ulvön islands: Are the High Coast archipelago’s biggest tourist attraction with a fantastic cultural heritage thanks to the picturesque little houses, boat sheds, and traditional wooden frames for drying fishing nets.

High Coast Trail: The 130 km High Coast Trail extends through the entire world heritage site and gives you views and highlights that are world famous.  

Skuleberget: World record in land uplift, with the world’s highest coastline of 286 meters!

Via Ferrata: Explore the Skuleberget close up by climbing Europes´s biggest Via Ferrata.

Nämforsen: This is one of the largest individual sites of rock engravings in northern Europe – the earliest engravings here have been estimated to be 6 000 years old. 

Arknat: Architecture wind shelters combined with nature along The High Coast Trail.

Hernö Gin: Hernö Gin is the world’s leading and most awarded craft gin producer. 

High Coast Distillery: Experience one of the world’s northernmost whisky distilleries and their visitor center. GLAMPING & WHISKY

Nordingrå: This isan artistic area right in the very heart of the High Coast with breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see.

Feel the rhythm of nature, and be a part of it! – explore this and be surprised what just two to fivedays in nature can do for you.

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