The way we travel has changed. We don’t want a universal holiday one size fits all. We want to explore and immerse ourselves in the local Scandinavian culture on our terms, and we don’t just want to see nature – we want to be part of it!

While you wake up to the birds concert, breakfast is waiting for you in the cozy patio- or in the grill house where you can slowly wake up by the fire, fry an egg with bacon or make a toast over the open fire.

Our accommodation consists of three cozy glamping tents out in the forest area next to our farm, located near Undrom in Ångermanland in the High Coast destination. All tents are well separated from each other so that you as our guest get to discover your own part of nature. You can choose between the tent sites.

The Hill en the Forest site you can book it in July from minimal 2 days or longer.

Hill for max 6 people.

Forest for max 4 people,

Country for max 4 people

Booking Includes: Welcome information basket with coffee and tea, and cinnamon bulls, your stay in a Glamping tent, is always included breakfast.

Extras: Mama’s Dinner, Grill package incl. ingredients, Lunch from breakfast.

The Nordic mama, make a dinner with locally produced ingredients, in the cozy grill house in the middle is a fire place you can sit around, and taste the Swedish flavours, with a Dutch twist. (450 SEK p.p ,kids 8-13 year 225 SEK p.p)

Grill package, met potato gratin, mixing grill , salad, marshmallows, using the grill house for 2 hours. You make everything around the open fire place. We do the dishes en you can use our equipment, also plates and cutlery. (350 SEK p.p, kids 8-13 year 175 SEK p.p)

If you choose to make your “own food”, it is possible to order a grill package inclusive bbq and ingredients, or rent only a barbecue or grillhouse with equipment. (120 sek p.p) If you rent something from us we do the dishes!! We do this to save the environment, at home we have a sewage disposal, and use biodegradable cleaning products. Animals graze on the entire area, precisely to keep the biodiversity high and the biological ecology must not be disturbed. We don’t have a fridge or freezer that you can use.

We serve breakfast and you can order mama’s dinner in the grill house or in the patio near it. Mama’s dinner is served at 18.00 and we eat it together. If for some reason you cannot be there by 6 pm, please let us know. Non-alcoholic drinks are served with the food and we round off with coffee for those who wish. We always serve a fixed main course, if you have allergies or diet wishes such as vegetarian, please let us know in advance of your arrival day.

If you have anallergy, or are a vegetarian or vegan, please indicate this in the booking. We work with seasonal products and everything is cooked over an open fire.

Activities: Hiking package, Paddle boards, Active tree top hike package, Whisky package, sauna/ hottub.

Hiking package, inclusive lunch, fika, thermos, fleece plaid. Hiking the Ådalleden, a pelgrims trail behind the Glamping, book a hiking package and we bring you to the start of the trail an pick you up after 10 kilometer at the Boteå church. The package is including a backpack packed with thermos, and a lunch. Ladda ner broschyren (350 p.p)

Paddle boards, we have four inflatable paddle boards, you can take them to several lakes in the area. We recommend Gålsjöbruk strand, or Björksjön stand special for families. It’s a 10 to 20 minutes drive from the Glamping in Undrom. (250 SEK p.b)

Tree tops hike, inclusiv lunch, fika, entré Aktivator, sauna / hottub. No trees to High is a challenging high altitude course. Challenge yourself, your family and your friends to a really exciting experience among the treetops in the forests near Örnsköldsvik. You sleep at the glamping site in Undrom and can use all the facilities such as the wilderness spa and cuddle with the animals. (700 SEK p.p)

Whisky package, 2x Nordic mamma diner, sauna, on Saturday transport to and from High coast whisky. 1x lunch, guiding tour distillery , whisky tasting. ( in July/ august vi have te pop- up Glamping on the location High coast whisky.)

The wood-burning sauna, enhances the experience all year round. Our wood-fired hot tub is only available in the summer. In the wood-burning sauna and hot tub, you can enjoy the sounds of the forest, the bright night sky and – if you’re lucky – the dancing northern lights. You can book your own private time for the sauna and possibly the hot tub. Towels are included and we heat everything for you. However, bring your own slippers or bathrobe. Our sauna is equipped with a Finnish wood stove and changing room, here we have now also made a simple shower or take a dip in the popular waterfall behind the Glamping. (450 SEK p.p)

Feel the rhythm of nature and be a part in it! Explore the bright summer evenings – and you might even see a moose or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


We take care of you in a homely environment. Children up to 8 years can stay for free. Children between 8- 13 have a special price. Prices you can find them in the booking system, if you need some help, we are happy to help you!

Feel the rhythm of nature, and be a part of it! – explore this and be surprised what just two to fivedays in nature can do for you.

A sustainable and ecological Glamping paradise for the whole family with a license from Nature’s Best®, Sweden’s only sustainability label for nature-based experiences. More info;

All tents are made of durable canvas, furnished with cozy beds and a wood-stove, table and chairs. The beds are made with warm blankets and extra fleece blankets. You don’t have to freeze,regardless of the season, but we recommend that you think through your packing list and pack clothes that are adapted to the season. If you visit us when it’s a little colder, it’s a good idea to bring warm pyjamas, a warm hat and thick woolen socks.

The compost toilet is within walking distance of the tents. Our sauna (all year round) and hot tub (summer only) are located in the middle of the forest and can be booked for an extra wonderful experience. Our natural outdoor shower is available for refreshment 

We welcome you on arrival between 15:00 and 17:00. You will then receive a basket with a thermos bottle of hot water for coffee or tea, a bottle of cold water, an extra fleece blanket, two headlamps and a starter set to fire the stove. We provide clean drinking water every day. The distance from the parking to the tent is about 50 meters.

Please note that we are not a traditional restaurant, which is why we only have ingredients at home for today’s bookings. It also means that we stick to local and seasonal ingredients.

Breakfast is served as a buffet, where you can make a sandwich or fry your own eggs with bacon over an open fire. We serve breakfast between 8.00 -9.30 am.

As part of the experience and the opportunity to get away from everyday stress and routines, there is no wifi at the terrain. However, there is electricity in the grill house, where you can charge your phone if necessary. Note that there is also no electricity or running water or other amenities in to the tents.

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