Ecotourism policy and Sustainability

Our purpose is to bring people and nature closer together in a ecological environment. 
An outdoor adventure with a luxurious package. 
To find happiness with mother nature in the simplicity of life. 
Inspire and be inspired.

Glamping High Coast offers a luxurious experience where you sleep in a sustainable canvas tent, located on our ecological farm.

The experience is a great hospitality with us at the ecological farm.
The Pieren family, share there dream, ~A way of life~
Swedish culture flows over the project together with Dutch culture. 
And is reflected in how we work, communicate and live.

The farm is part of the work, which we share with our guests at the Glamping places. 
Glamping is carried out on private land and guests and animals are close to each other. 
All tents are on wooden decks, to ensure stability and safety. 
Location around the tent is the grazing area for the sheep and horses.
Guests can walk through the natural trails.

To promote a natural cycle, we learn every year how the soil develops. 
Natural fertilisers give more life to the soil structure. 
Mixed pasture ensures that the top layer of humus is stamped and loosened. 
Our idea is to have a large vegetable garden in the middle of the plot with a greenhouse and a storage for wastewater that can be used on the summer day to water the soil.
The vegetable-garden garden is surrounded by grassland that is used for hay and grassland that contributes to the livestock. 
We cut selectively and let many wild herbs and flowers bloom around in the vegetable garden in the summer.

In the grill house there are various brochures about the area and stories about our own outdoor experiences in the area. 
We are happy to advise you personally about the area and the activities in the area.

The area is divided into cultivation areas and large production forests, in a rolling landscape with a lot of industrial history.
On a half-hour drive by car, you are in the Höge Kusten nature area, the country that rises a little higher every year. Read more Explore the High Coast

The culture here is ancient history of industry, forestry and agriculture.

Contribution to local development, In collaboration with Boteå parlement and Boteå development group and High Coast tourism, and Sollefteå municipality. Think about and strategic plan, how we can work more together.

Fields Sweden / Glamping Höga Kusten wants to work with tourism in a long-term sustainable way. Fields Sweden / Glamping Höga Kusten is about protecting our local heritage, creating local quality of life, and protecting the environment. By creating world class tourism in our region and surroundings we will be able to help save local natural and cultural heritage while contributing to environmentally friendly practices. Our policy is:

  • to be environmentally friendly and active against climate change
  • to contribute to local economic development and life quality for local people
  • to support local culture and encourage our visitors to buy quality products and services from local entrepreneurs
  • to support products and services that authentically reflect local lifestyle and culture
  • to share our local knowledge and facts about culture and nature 
  • to work as partners with local communities and landowners. 
  • to create experiences that satisfy guests and live up to their expectations.
  • to have an updated security and safety management plan  
  • to continuously improve our operations and sustainability actions.


We use durable materials, such as Glamping tents made of special organic canvas, which do not harm nature after use. We also work with local companies to support them as well. For example, our food comes from the local store.
The milk comes from Norrmejerier, where the farmers in the local area deliver. 
We also work with local associations. 

We are also investing in being able to convey the local history with the old ironworks in the immediate area.  Gålsjöbruk which is nearby and Högfors which is right next to our farm.

In short, a way to use a tourist destination and at the same time ensure that future generations of tourists can enjoy it.
Subject: Protecting the environment, nature and the landscape and the original culture of a tourist destination. The local population will also benefit financially from tourism.

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