Farm policy

The purpose of our farm,

Nature is your Home in Höga Kusten.

Our farm started with a dream that now is becoming reality.

We work with the principle of Permaculture. It is a design method, based on ethics, ecology and other sciences, to design the human environment in a way that is environmentally sustainable and economically stable. Complex ecosystems in nature and old / traditional horticulture serve as examples in this regard.

The goal of permaculture is cooperation between humans and their surrounding nature, which aims for both to survive in the long term. With permaculture, you design a functional system around people with the strength and resilience of an ecosystem.

The farm for the future, everything changes organically, and becomes a circle of life.

 Films that inspires: “A farm for the future“, “Biggest Little farm“.

The animals are private property and have their own places to live and work.
Ask permission for visiting our animals, we are happy to tell all the story’s about them.

Animal Accommodation,

The sheep and horses have a part in the stable, each animal can choose to stay inside or outside. In the stable there are wood pallets on the floor. Sheep and horses stay separately but are neighbours.

The meadows are divided into different fields, by alternating horses and sheep and wastelands, we improve the earth’s diversity and ensure that the flowers and bees can do their job well.

Animal jobs:

Mowing meadows and shrubs helps with good sustainable recycling systems.

The horses like to eat long grass and the leaves of the trees, they kick the ground open and give a lot of shit. The fertiliser ensures that more micro-organisms come to life, together they provide food for the soil. Twice a year we drive over the meadow with a tow. To distribute the manure as well as possible. because the horses kick the ground open, the manure is well absorbed into the ground. The grass will multiply and grow stronger. This process repeats itself every year. The process is repeated by also letting sheep graze on meadows, only the horses open the ground and the sheep stamp it back neatly. The difference in fertilisation ensures better nutrition of the grassland. The manure from sheep is better fermented and provides other nutrients for the soil. It is good for us as people to eat a varied diet, but it is also necessary for good nutrition for a rich life in the meadows. The soil diversity provides varied grass, herbs and small shrubs that the grazers can eat in a wonderfully varied manner. A closed loop system where the animals have to work hard to keep it going.

Our farm animals 

We have sheep, horses, rabbits, cats and one dog who is thinking she can hold everything together. She is our superhero. 

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